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Havik - 16™ POWER

Havik - 16™ POWER

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 [Power + Spin]

Introducing the groundbreaking Havik-16™ Power paddle, engineered for players seeking exceptional power, spin and control. With its patented hybrid-thermoformed™ shape, this paddle combines the force of a 16mm paddle with the agility of a 14mm paddle, enabling lightning-fast swings and quick hand battles. Crafted with a complete piece of Toray T-700 carbon fiber, the Havik-16 Power paddle guarantees unmatched durability, power, spin and control.

 Featuring Polyflex™ foam injected into the edge wall, this paddle provides vibration dampening, perimeter weighting, and an expanded sweet spot for precise shot control. The exclusive Tetra-Core™, a polypropylene core renowned for durability and energy absorption, enhances power and delivers optimal rebound effects for explosive shots.

The Havik-16™ Power paddle's Toray T-700 raw carbon fiber face absorbs and transfers ball energy while providing exceptional spin capabilities. With this paddle, you'll have the power to dictate the game, driving shots with incredible force and maintaining control over ball placement.

Experience the pinnacle of power and control with the Havik-16™ Power paddle, dominating the court and leaving opponents in awe with your unparalleled game.


What is the benefit of the Patented Hybrid- Thermoformed paddle shape?

 Without getting too deep into the engineering of the paddle, the benefit to our hybrid shape is that we were able to keep the paddle at 8.1 – 8.3oz total static weight, while increasing the perimeter weighting of the paddle without increase the swing weight.

 With the Hybrid-shape we were able to re-distribute the weight we’ve added to the paddle to increase the power while increasing the size of the sweet spot while still being able to keep the swing weight low enough to not slow down your hand speed.

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 Main Attribute: Power

Construction Style: Thermoforming

Material: Toray T-700S Carbon Fiber

Hitting Surface: Toray T-700S  Raw Carbon Fiber

Thickness: 16mm

Core: Tetra-Core™ Polypropylene

Dimensions: 16.5”L x 7.5”W

Handle Length: 5.31” 

Handle Circumference:  4.25"

Weight: 8.1-8.3oz

Swing Weight: 117 kg/cm²

Balance: 240mm



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