Ambassador Program

What is the Maverix Pickleball Ambassador Program?

The Maverix Pickleball Ambassador Program is a vibrant community of pickleball enthusiasts who embody the Maverix spirit and share our vision and values. We are seeking individuals who are aligned with our brand and are committed to promoting our products and values. As an ambassador, you will have the exciting opportunity to represent Maverix Pickleball in your local community and beyond. You'll play a pivotal role in fostering connections, organizing events, and helping us expand the reach of this incredible sport we all love.

 At Maverix, we believe in building an attractive program that benefits our ambassadors and makes them feel like an integral part of our family. We are being highly selective in choosing ambassadors as it is of utmost importance to us to find individuals who share our vision and values.

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Maverix Pickleball, Player Support


- Free Paddles, If qualified or 50 - 75% off paddles

- Commission starting at 15 - 20%

-Monthly Pay: For select coaches, 5.0+, and influencers.



-Active in community

- Coaches