Maverix Pickleball Warranty Policy

At Maverix, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch pickleball gear designed to elevate your game. Our commitment to quality is backed by a warranty that ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind. Please review the details of our warranty policy below.

Warranty Coverage:

Our warranty encompasses all manufacturer defects, missing parts, and workmanship issues that may arise during the designated warranty period. This warranty applies to all registered Maverix paddles, and bags.

Warranty Period:

All registered Maverix products come with a 6-MONTH WARRANTY against manufacturer defects and workmanship, starting from the date of receipt and continuing for 180 days. Please note that warranty coverage is non-transferable and exclusive to the original purchaser. Replacement paddles are not covered by this warranty.

Eligibility and Proof of Purchase:

To activate your warranty, please register your paddle within 14 days of purchase. The warranty is valid only for the original owner of the item when purchased in new condition. Proof of purchase, such as an original receipt, bank statement, or credit card statement, is required for all warranty registrations.

What Maverix Pickleball Covers:

This warranty covers any part or component of the paddle found to be defective during the Limited Warranty period. At our discretion, we will either replace the defective part or product with a new one of the same model, equivalent value, or equivalent level of use.

If your purchase was made through an authorized retailer, please first adhere to the retailer's return/exchange policy before reaching out to Maverix Pickleball customer service.

Our obligation to replace or exchange the part or product shall not exceed the amount of the original purchase price. Maverix Pickleball is not liable for any loss of use of the product or any consequential or incidental costs, expenses, or damages incurred by the customer.


Our warranty does not cover the following scenarios:

  • Normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: scrapes and scuffs of any part of the paddle, wearing out of the grip, cuts, chips, and/or damage of carbon fiber due to normal use, softening of core leading to less power.
  • Damage caused by improper usage, negligence, acts of nature, or accidents (including failure to follow the instructions supplied with the product).
  • Fading and/or degradation of graphics.
  • Use in commercial applications.
  • Modification or repair by anyone not authorized by Maverix Pickleball.
  • Purchases from non-authorized Maverix Pickleball dealers or purchases made in used condition.
  • Warranty claims made by individuals who are not the original purchaser.
  • Paddles that were given away free of charge.

Warranty Period Continuation:

If a paddle is replaced under warranty, the replacement assumes the remaining warranty period of the original item.

Submitting a Warranty Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, please follow these steps:

  1. Register your product within 14 days of purchase to be eligible for the warranty policy.
  2. Include the original copy of your sales receipt.
  3. Submit a Customer Service Case via email at info@maverixpickleball.com.
  4. Provide your name, address, daytime telephone number, model number of the product, and a detailed description of the issue.
  5. The customer is responsible for shipping the paddle back to Maverix Pickleball to validate the warranty claim.

Customer Support:

At Maverix, our customers are an integral part of our community. If you have any questions or face issues regarding your paddle, warranty, or return policy, please reach out to us. We are here to assist and ensure you have the best experience with our products.

Policy Updates:

Maverix reserves the right to update or modify this warranty policy at any time. For the latest information on our warranty terms and conditions, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Thank you for choosing Maverix for your pickleball gear. We value your trust in our products and are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service. Swing different, play better!