Our Story

How did this all begin… Good question. Well, it started as a thought, which then blossomed into a passion project centered around my daughter, Haven. I yearned to create something in her name, and thus, Maverix was conceived. I know what you are thinking; Maverix has nothing to do with the name Haven—yeah, I know; I’ll explain.

 My name Matt Miller, I’m a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic based in California. My love for pickleball sparked three years ago when we began playing the sport at the fire station. The moment I picked up a paddle, I instantly fell in love with the game. As early as 2021, I was in search of a new venture, with a clear vision to incorporate my daughter's name into the company and building something for her.

When I first embarked on this pickleball journey, with limited knowledge about paddle engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes, I realized there was much to learn. Immersing myself in reading, research, and experimentation, I explored paddle construction, dissected paddles, and discerned what worked and what didn't. This journey of exploration and education became integral to the Maverix story, driven by our commitment to uniqueness. While understanding that not everyone will love our paddle, we refuse to settle for mediocrity. Our aspiration was to create a paddle that not only felt and performed differently but also stood out in the market.

The question arises: Why Maverix? After six months of exploring countless name combinations, from Havik to Miller Paddle Company, none truly resonated as desired. The definition of a Maverick, particularly its emphasis on embracing a different approach, struck a chord with me. Then, one fateful late night, it struck me—taking the “M” from Miller, combining it with the “AVE” from Haven, and adding the “X” simply because, Maverix came into existence.

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, filled with highs and lows. At Maverix, we embrace this journey, prioritizing customers, striving for excellence, and infusing passion into everything we do. This is our story, and we sincerely appreciate the support we've received. We eagerly look forward to continuing to build, innovate, and improve while remaining unapologetically different. Period.



 Matt Miller, Co-Founder, Maverix Sports